Breakfast at Tiffany’s


Audrey Hepburn

I don’t think A lot of people really got the meaning of this movie so i thought i’d just throw this one out , Audrey Hepburn’s spectacular performance in this movie is unrivaled and for the most part people just took it to be some sort of shallow meaningless movie about the daily routines of a socialite and courtesan although it is much more than that.

To start off  through out the whole movie we see this fluffy bubbly atmosphere with perhaps a few interludes of sadness but generally the vivacious and lively character of holly Golightly lets us enjoy the movie as well as the sheer extravagance of her clothes , her surroundings and the reminder of the wealth the world witnessed in the 60’s and brush aside the importance of the messages left to us.

breakfast at Tiffany gives a good insight into the lives of some of the best escorts of the time and one of the unwanted effects of city life , it is never clear whether holly ever slept with her unofficial “clientele” however the scene with fred and his ”  maitresse en titre ” makes it blatantly and adamantly clear that he is infact a male escort of sorts.

however when it comes to holly and escorts in general , the movie shows that some tend to get entangled into the shady walks of life and we see this in the venue in which holly has chosen to finance her living by getting involved with sally tomato as well other issues were raised like how they are treated as material objects , Fred’s mistress treats him as just another addition to the apartment she furnished for him and as though he something that she owns and at the beginning of the movie we see how holly’s date feels that he is entitled to more than a dinner out with holly.

Fred and holly try to get infused into upper society by wearing designer clothes and  luxurious jewelry and trying to have the same life style atleast in part and trying to come off as though they are in  league but at certain times and even the building they live in shows the fact they are fake wannabe’s however this proves to be exhausting and holly herself admits that it has caused more of a financial drain to her as time goes by.

we also see how holly and fred although viewed by their ” clientele ” as nothing more than a handsome face are infact people with former lives , fred was once a somewhat successful writer and strikingly holly was married and had a brother in the army , the point trying to be made here was that escorts are people too  , they have lives and families and even feelings and that we should be more humane in our view of them since both holly and fred’s past somewhat show us the reasons as to why they have taken up becoming escorts , as for fred his writing career had taken a plunge for the worse and holly felt immensely trapped in her marriage and needed  a fresh new start but after having realized they had no other alternative were forced to take up this demeaning livelihood in order to ensure their survival.

The movie also shows all the time money and effort spent by these people to keep up their professional repertoire’s , connections and social appearance as shown by the conversation holly’s agent has about how holly came to be who she is and we see once again that escorts in general and holly in particular are called “phoney’s”.

As well we see the harsh treatment made to holly by her fiance and the love of her life jose who although may or may not have fallen for holly as hardly as she had for him was none the less quicker to get holly of out his life and out of the picture as soon as any scandal was attached to her thereby showing us that although many of these escorts dream of being in a long relationship whether for financial security or for genuine romance , for the vast majority  it is not really an option for them since they are considered of much lower status than with whom they are enthralled.

It is also interesting to note that holly never gives her cat a name simply choosing to keep him the way he is , he is just another faceless character to her which is strikingly the same treatment she gets at the hand of many of the men with whom she becomes associated and lastly we see how paul and holly are meant to end up together since after having taken up such a demeaning post , they are the only ones who could come around to accept the shady details of each others past in order to secure the others greater person and that in some form or another this just shows how segregated society was back in the day and things seem to work out as dictated by society with groups sticking to themselves.

breakfast at Tiffany’s is definitely one of my all time favourites as im sure it is for many who have come around to understand the underlying sentiment of the movie , i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did!


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